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Chloe Tells You How
Review by Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art
Online Marketing for your Craft Business
In the six years since UK Handmade started there has been a massive change in how small and independent business are promoted, and with all the social media sites that have popped up it can be really confusing and overwhelming for anyone just starting out.
Front Cover of the book Fifty Years of Illustration
Review by Lisa Margreet Payne of
Craft Coop
 Following 2 years in successful pop up shops the Craft Coop is opening its doors to new members in Maidenhead.Would you like to sell your products in the Craft Coop?
Front and back cover of the book The Home-Sewn Home
Review by Ali Burdon of
north star yarns
Today we are pleased to meet Jill Chapman, owner of North Star Yarns, a local wool shop and place in Blackhall Mill, County Durham, where enthusiasts can learn how to knit and crochet to find out.  Jill  opened her shop in summer last year.
Liz Samways meets Andrew Clark, Leeds-based maker of Reproduction Accoutrements, Regalia & Headdress.Please tell us about yourself and how you got started.
We start 2013 meeting Minerva, a trained accountant with a passion for knitting and stitching, who has recently started on a new path to pursue her dream of running her own creative business on her terms.Tell us about yourself
Bec Gilray
Liz Samways meets letterpress printer Bec Gilray of 'Do you Punctuate'. Inspired by tradtional printing methods, printer Bec uses moveable lead type, photopolymer plates, printing blocks, and wooden letters to create unique greeting cards.Please tell us about yourself and how you got started.
Catriona McLaughlin meets Lee May Foster, who creates jewellery and printed pieces from her studio based in Truro, Cornwall.Please tell us a bit about yourself and how Bonbi Forest began.
Catriona McLaughlin meets Aberdeenshire-based artist, illustrator and designer Gabrielle Reith of 'Small Stories' and find out what inspires her gorgeous work.Please tell us about yourself and what made you choose a creative path in life.
Catriona McLaughlin meets ceramicist Lisa Stevens to find out what inspires her beautiful work.Please tell us about yourself and how you got started.
Today, Leslieanne Barclay meets Victoria from Clear Creations to learn about how a hobby became her business and what inspires her to create her beautiful cards.Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with card making and design?
Catriona McLaughlin meets Edinburgh-based artist and designer Kirsty Anderson of 'A Wooden Tree', to learn what inspires her to produce her beautiful textiles.Please tell us about yourself and what made you decide to become a designer.
Review by Ali Burdon of
ACID Lobby
By Anna StassenCopyright infringement seems to be an epidemic of the modern age where the internet allows people to view and access the work of designers from all over the world. We've covered the topic before with advice on what to do if you find yourself in this unfortunate position.
Kathryn Sharman investigates the increasingly alarming issue of copyright infringement within the design community and what designers can do to protect themselves.
Lucy Bowler
EMILY PARKES talks to Lucy Bowler, the lady behind Looby Lou Designs; a fantastic business aimed to encourage children's creativity. Lucy gives tips for anyone thinking of setting up their own business, lets us in on what inspires her and the importance of helping children explore their own creative side. Tell us a bit about yourself and Looby Lou Designs.