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Front cover of the book Wall Art by Clare Youngs
Folksy is a handmade marketplace which is only open to people who are based in the UK and only to people who sell handmade goods or craft supplies - no 'vintage' and no resellers. This bank holiday weekend, you can open and fill a shop on for free; the offer for 20 free listings ends on Monday, 30th of May, at midnight!
UK Handmade - Smashing Chintz
UK Handmade portfolio member Janine Nelson explains what has inspired her love of mosaics and how she creates her Smashing Chintz pieces.Bullfinch in tree by Smashing ChintzI. INSPIRATION
farah silver pendant
Today we meet London based Jewellery Designer, Farah Qureshi who travels around the world for her inspirations and materials to create her beautiful jewellery.  What is your background?
Having lived and worked in Paris for 15 years, Danish-born author Charlotte and her husband Phillippe wanted to change their lives so moved to Odense, Denmark, where they founded their ethical homeware company RICE in 1998.
UK Handmade - Little Gems Jewels
Gemma of Little Gems Jewels from the UK Handmade Makers Directory explains the magic of gemstones.
UK Handmade - Project Amy
Amy Scott of the UK Handmade Makers Directory tells us the history of Project Amy Designs.I can remember experimenting creatively, from a very young age, always drawing, painting and trying out new techniques such as printing with different materials around the house. This is where my passion for art was nurtured.
Front cover of Terrariums - Gardens Under Glass
I am quite smitten with this book.
Yarn Shop Day
UK Handmade Helen Morton Wilts Woollens
As National Yarn Shop Day approaches, UK Handmade portfolio member Helen Morton of Wilts Woollens explains the pleasures of stocking up.
UK Handmade - Kokomelt exfoliating cubes
What is Kokomelt artisan skincare? Deborah Spink of the UK Handmade Makers Directory explains its creation. 
Vintage Home
Judith Miller has been collecting since she was a student at Edinburgh University in the 60s. Now one of the world’s leading experts on antiques and collectables, she is also the co-founder of Miller’s Antiques Price Guide, the author of more than 100 books, and a frequent contributor to various newspapers and magazines. If you want to know about iconic design and styling, Judith is your lady.
The Grasp Project is an initiative aiming to re-invent craft in our current digital and technological age.
UK Handmade Justbod Lovers
UK Handmade portfolio member bod of Justbod talks about the influences, inspirations and ideas behind his original design: 'Lovers,' and the process behind making it into a hand-sculpted metal and oak wall plaque.This has been one of my favourite pieces to make so far.
Front cover of Keeping House by Cindy Harris
UK Handmade Anna Wilson-Patterson Cat RX83
 Anna Wilson-Patterson's studio is the front room of her 1930's bungalow on the cliff top at Fairlight Cove, Sussex. The shelves groan with sketchbooks, wood painting panels and artist monographs, whilst draped elegantly on cushions at her feet lie her companions - Finn the lurcher and Oonagh the greyhound.
Front cover of the book Sharpie Art Workshop
Order And Chaos Exhibition
A Year In Cheese
I realise that it’s not particularly fashionable at the moment to be seen consuming dairy but frankly, I don’t give a stuff. I love cheese and I’m sure that there are plenty of other cheese-lovers out there, raiding the fridge for a cheeky bit of cheddar as I write. 'A Year in Cheese' will make those with a fromagerie fetish weep with sheer joy.
Craftivism Book