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Catriona McLaughlin meets Aberdeenshire-based artist, illustrator and designer Gabrielle Reith of 'Small Stories' and find out what inspires her gorgeous work.Please tell us about yourself and what made you choose a creative path in life.
Catriona McLaughlin meets ceramicist Lisa Stevens to find out what inspires her beautiful work.Please tell us about yourself and how you got started.
Today, Leslieanne Barclay meets Victoria from Clear Creations to learn about how a hobby became her business and what inspires her to create her beautiful cards.Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with card making and design?
Catriona McLaughlin meets Edinburgh-based artist and designer Kirsty Anderson of 'A Wooden Tree', to learn what inspires her to produce her beautiful textiles.Please tell us about yourself and what made you decide to become a designer.
Review by Ali Burdon of
ACID Lobby
By Anna StassenCopyright infringement seems to be an epidemic of the modern age where the internet allows people to view and access the work of designers from all over the world. We've covered the topic before with advice on what to do if you find yourself in this unfortunate position.
Kathryn Sharman investigates the increasingly alarming issue of copyright infringement within the design community and what designers can do to protect themselves.
Lucy Bowler
EMILY PARKES talks to Lucy Bowler, the lady behind Looby Lou Designs; a fantastic business aimed to encourage children's creativity. Lucy gives tips for anyone thinking of setting up their own business, lets us in on what inspires her and the importance of helping children explore their own creative side. Tell us a bit about yourself and Looby Lou Designs.
The Centre of England Arts
Emily Parkes talk to Julie Hyde, founder of a charity called The Centre of England Arts. Providing painting classes and workshops, the charity aims to give students confidence and to develop their interest in the arts. Julie tells us how she set up the charity and the ethos behind COEA.Tell us about the COEA.
Jasper Sparkle
Emily Parkes talks to Anne Arkle of Jaspersparkle and find out about her truly unique jewellery business. Anne explains the amazing history behind her craft, how this inspires her and gives us some key tips for anyone starting their own business.What do you do and how did you start?
vintage chic
Review by Ali Burdon of is a beautiful, inspirational, coffee table book for devotees of interiors packed with billowing bleached and natural linens, big chintzy florals, toile de jouy, and nostalgic country house charm. This is definitely a particular kind of vintage chic - soft, feminine, cluttered, cosy and very very romantic. It constantly brought to mind the sort of styling you get in Merchant Ivory films like Room with a View and Maurice. 
love stitching
Review by Clare Freemantle of's nothing nicer than receiving a beautifully styled craft book in the post. When I received Love Stitching by Jan Constantine I was impressed by the beautiful images and well put together diagrams to help make each of the designs.  
Charlotte Bezzant
EMILY PARKES talks to London based jewellery designer, Charlotte Bezzant. Charlotte creates beautiful and intricate pieces from silver. She fills us in on her creative background and the ways in which she has progressed her business.
EMILY PARKES meets the people behind Peagreen, a design studio producing prints, tee's and surface pattern design. The talented designers of Peagreen talk to Emily about their current inspiration and the ethos behind their work.
Jeff Soan
EMILY PARKES meets Jeff Soan, a talented designer-maker and master of fantastic, wobbly, wooden articulated creatures. Jeff talks to Emily about the creation of his business as well as the interesting technique he uses to create his unique and sculptural work.
Kirsty Elson
Anna Stassen meets talented multidisciplinary artist, Kirsty Elson. You may have already come across her magical work made from upcycled driftwood and other objects beachcombed from our own British shores. We find out about her fascination with found objects and what makes her tick. 
Donald Short
EMILY PARKES meets talented Dorset-based artist, Donald Short. Donald uses the blue print technique to create attractive, unique and original 'Blue Print' artwork.  
creative walls
Review by Emma Rafter
Playful Patchwork Cover
Review by Ali Burdon of first thing that struck me about Playful Patchwork by Suzuko Koseki are the intriguing, stylish patchwork block designs and the wonderful use of prints and colour in her projects. It's one of those books that bowls you over when you first flick through it - I could look at the pictures again and again. 
EMILY PARKES meets Digital Artist and Graphic Designer, Laura Cartwright. Based in the North East, Laura creates digital illustrative work. She talks to Emily about her artistic background, style and how her work as a crafter has progressed. What do you do and how did you start?