REVIEW: Big Hook Crochet

Review by Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art

Front cover of Big Hook Crochet

Here is another crafty book I have been looking forward to getting my hands on, Big Hook Crochet by Emma Friedlander-Collins. As a self taught crocheter, I always need a little project to keep me going just so I remember how to crochet (I do forget quickly!!!). So I am always on the look out for easy(ish) projects, but also projects which are quick. I started to make a crochet bag about 2 years ago and I’ve never finished it, so I’m excited by Big Hook crochet simply because big hook, to me, also means less time! 

Inner spread from Big Hook Crochet showing a Bedroll

I always read the before you begin section (or tips and tricks) as I always find them useful (they aren’t just filler). In this case there is a handy reminder that big hook crochet is actually quite tiring and that you need to keep your hands, arms and back a rest every so often. The book uses a handy 3 star skill system throughout, so whether you are beginner (1 star) or more advanced (3 star), you can quickly and easily assess whether a project is right for you, before buying lots of wool and committing to a project that you may not be able to complete.

Inner page of Big Hook Crochet showing a chunky cuff

Now on to the projects; there are two main sections Clothes & Accessories and Homeware and there are a variety of projects which have caught my eye. Crochet is usually all about scarves, rugs, throws, bags and baskets, so it is interesting to see how the projects here vary.

Inner page image from Big Hook Crochet showing a crocheted bicycle basket

In the Clothes & Accessories section, there are some unusual ideas including a cozy bike saddle, handlebar warmers and a super cute bike basket; I Love them and they are certainly a bit different! There are indeed some scarves and market bags, but the fact that they are “big hook” makes them very appealing to me, I can imagine being able to knock them up in one evening. The Chunky Cuffs are a quirky little craft idea, they have a 1 Star Skill level making them nice annd easy (hooray), and are a great way to use up odds and ends. 

Inner pafe spread from Big Hook Crochet showing an Owl Rug

There are also some really cute designs in Homeware, such as the the owl rug; I also spotted a fun little apple door stop. There are indeed a couple of baskets and I think the one featured here in particular looks lovely (and something I could do with). I Love the idea of some cute little cushions too!

Inner spread of Big Hook Crochet showing a crochet basket

Finally, as with all good crochet books, there is a section at the back to help you remember the different crochet techniques. Perfect. All in all, if big hook crochet is something that you are interested in trying out, I think there are enough projects in this book to get you started and it's well worth a read!


Big Hook Crochet
Emma Friedlander-Collins

RRP: £12.99
Published by CICO Books

ISBN-10: 178249250X
ISBN-13: 978-1782492504