REVIEW: Everything In Its Place

Review by Ali Burdon - Very Berry Handmade

Front Cover of Everything In Its Place

As a busy mum, with a home to organise and business to run (also from home) I am entirely convinced that all my life needs, for 100% perfection, is better storage solutions. Well, maybe not 100% perfection, but it would definitely make a difference; so I spend lots of time browsing interiors magazines, scouring Pinterest, checking out online furniture boutiques and specialist storage shops, and searching Ebay in order to find that cupboard, set of shelves, blanket chest, storage basket or vintage Welsh dresser that would make all the difference.

Inner page spread from Everything In Its Place showing section on kitchens

This lovely book - Everything in its Place by Rebecca Winward - is a great resource if you in any way identify with that first paragraph. It is packed full of successful storage solutions that will make the most of your space and which don’t skimp on style. There is plenty of practical advice about decluttering and organising your possessions according to their functions, as well as a very useful (but short) directory of stockists and suppliers. I particularly liked the common sense (but why hadn’t I thought of it?) idea to label storage in kids’ rooms to encourage them to take responsibility for their own belongings.

Inner page spread from Everything In Its Place showing sections on children's rooms

All very useful, but the most important thing, for me, is the work that the author has done here to curate all the amazing and inspirational photographs for us readers. She brings together a series of stylish and aspirational looks which help you to see your rooms in your house, and their potential, in a whole new light. Some of the storage solutions are expensive and maybe outside an ordinary budget, but I spotted plenty of junk shop and Ikea-sourced solutions too. I loved all the dual purpose storage solutions that Winward highlights, beds with underbed storage, small sets of drawers as sidetables, a bedhead that doubles as a shelf, shoe storage that doubles as a hall bench.

Inner image from Everything In Its Place showing kitchen storage

By dividing the book into four sections, Winward is able to tackle the different options available by room, by type, by purpose and by style. The book is comprehensive (and sometimes a little repetitive, with photo captions repeating the main text - maybe it would have been better to squeeze in a few more gorgeous pictures instead!), and if you are renovating a house from scratch, I could see it being a particularly useful resource.

Inner image from Everything In Its Place showing sideboard storage

When you’re reviewing a book, it’s always a good sign if you forget to write notes as you browse the text and photos, and that’s certainly what happened here, I gave up on what I was supposed to be doing and, inspired by Winward’s ideas, started browsing for the perfect mid-century sideboard on Ebay again!

Everything In Its Place by Rebecca Winward
Published by Ryland Peters & Small
RRP: £19.99

ISBN-10: 1849756635
ISBN-13: 978-1849756631