REVIEW: Homespun Style

Front cover of Homespun Style depicting a homely dining area

Homespun Style feels like a bumper issue, of the home style section, of your favourite magazine. It doesn't tell you where to buy things, and it doesn't have any projects that will magically transform your home, but it does let you have a privileged snoop around various homes, from around the world, and it is beautiful.

Homespun style is essentially an eclectic mix of homemade objects, upcycled items, fabrics, patterns, and found pieces, living together in a harmonious, planned jumble, that expresses your own unique personality. If you are an ultra modern, minimalist type, this book may give you nightmares. If however, like me, you dislike high street trends, and love finding second hand treasures, and unique one off items, this book serves as an inspirational lookbook.

Inner page depicting two photos of items on hooks and text about Homespun Style

It encourages confidence in moving away from mundane, matching interiors, towards experimenting with colour, pattern and style. It is easy to collect things though impulse buys, but it is sometimes harder to know where to put them, once back home. Homespun Style focuses on how it is possible to pull all of those pieces together, and how to keep things flexible, so you can simply change your mind, and keep your home looking fresh, as well as homely.

Inner page split into four, showing photos of collection of decorative objects

The book is indulgently image heavy. The first image I clapped my eyes on included jars of buttons, and tins of beads, just two of my favourite things, with each following page turning into a Where's Wally, of beautiful objects, to want and cherish. It is split into three sections, the first being "Elements" which gives an overview of, modern craft, customising, recycling, and how to use pattern and colour. The second section "Details" considers display, furniture and lighting, and how you might incorporate textiles. The final section is "Space" which looks at each room of the home, going over and reinforcing much of what you have read previously. It can seem a little repetitive at times, and the terms 'Homespun Style' and 'Homespun look' are used frequently, but the "Space" section puts the tips and advice into context, and demonstrates how real life rooms can exude 'Homespun Style'.

Title page of Homespun Style - depicting a craft table with buttons and beads

It is an aspirational book, it may suggest putting a table in your kitchen, and creating space from the cooking area, by adding a free standing shelving unit (looks forlornly at shoebox kitchen), which may not be very useful to me right now, but it is something I look forward to in the future.

Some of the advice given also seems like common sense, but only once you have actually read it of course. You have that little lightbulb moment, and you start to realise how often your home becomes cluttered up with everyday life, and you forget all the things you wanted to do with it. That this what this book is trying to remind you of, it is a gentle nudge in the right direction, to make your home, not only look great, but to be more personal to you.

Inner page depicting a cosy blanket covered chair and chest of drawers

The images are beautiful and inviting, and if you have a Pinterest board full of interiors and patterns, then you are going to love Homespun Style. It is your starting point for moving away from mass produced decor, and embracing the beauty of everyday items, that have a little story to tell. It is a celebration in having the confidence to express yourself in your surroundings. Is is a colourful, and exciting resource book, and you will find yourself gazing around your own rooms, and wondering what you could change, that would make them more warm, and more inviting, so you can fall in love with them that little bit more.

Inner page depicting a child's bedroom

Pop this book onto your coffee table, leaf through it leisurely whenever you are having a cup of tea, and a naughty piece of cake, it will make you feel like a lady that does interiors, and that your home is on the way to being, not just special, but super special, one step at a time.

Homespun Style
Selena Lake
Ryland Peters & Small -
ISBN-10: 184975201X
ISBN-13: 978-1849752015