REVIEW: Sew Scandinavian

Review by Maggy Woodley of Red Ted Art

Front Cover of Sew Scandinavian

Although I do love to craft I admit that sewing isn’t that big on my agenda, it is something that I like doing occasionally, but I’m not obsessive about. A sewing project, for me, has to be completed in one afternoon sitting, working on something for weeks really isn’t my bag. So this little book, Sew Scandinavian, is right up my street as a part-time sewer; it has 35 projects, most of which you can indeed make in one session, perfect! I also happen to love all things Scandinavian (hooray for IKEA!) and I’m particularly drawn to projects with a Scandinavian feel to them, so this book is ideal. 

Inner page spread from Sew Scandinavian showing a Dala Horse Diary Cover project

I also like prefer books which contain projects for things that are useful, whether I end up using the finished item myself or giving to others. As a prolific crafter, most things I make need to have a purpose and again the book does not disappoint. Divided into four sections you have:
1. The Home (practical things that are also pretty).
2. Accessories (which double up nicely as gifts).
3. The Nursery (which in fact has nice things to make for kids of various ages, my 6 year old has already put some projects on order).
4. Celebrations (what better time to craft than at Christmas etc.).

Inner page spread from Sew Scandinavian showing a shoulder bag project

There are lots of great little projects; I love the look of the Darla Horse Diary cover, which would also work perfectly as a Christmas gift, there are super cute ideas for bags including an over-the-shoulder bag and a kid’s felt bag, and I love the cuteness and practicality of the bread basket, which would look lovely in my kitchen.

Inner page spread from Sew Scandinavian showing a bread basket project

My favourite section however is The Nursery (which had my daughter peering over my shoulder!). The Forest Kittens are simply the cutest; I wanted to get started on making a bunch of them straight away. I also recommend taking a peek at the Matchbox Pets, I personally love all things miniature and my daughter also asked if we could make some of these.  

An inner page spread from Sew Scandinavian showing a project for forest kittens

If you like Scandinavian inspired style and are looking for some fairly achieveable cute projects to create, either for yourself, your children, or as gifts for others then you really can’t go wrong with Sew Scandinavian.


Sew Scandinavian by Kajsa Kinsella

Published by CICO Books 
RRP: £12.99

ISBN-10: 1782492410
ISBN-13: 978-1782492412