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Showcase Application

To apply to be in our SPRING showcase please fill out the form below. 

SPECIAL OFFER - Get 2 slots on the showcase for the price of 1!

If successful you will receive further instructions and a paypal invoice. Payment is £15 for the duration of the showcase or £10 for premium portfolio members. (Apply for membership here). The showcase lasts approximately 2 months, and you will only be invoiced if your application is accepted.

As well as the normal showcase on our website we also create a digital lookbook (in a magazine format) that will be uploaded to http://issuu.com/ukhandmade, this will require high resolution images of your products, approx 2500px wide at 300dpi, so please make sure you can provide these images (if your application is accepted) before you apply.

Application deadline is midnight, Monday 12th March 2018, the showcase will go live Monday 19th March 2018.


  • In order to increase your chances of being accepted make sure your product photos are of a high standard and your products are original.
  • We ask you to submit 3 products so we can choose the best one to fit in with the other items in the showcase so it is a varied as possible. Only one of those submitted will be chosen for the showcase.
  • You will need to be able to provide high resolution images for the lookbook - 2500 pixels wide at 300dpi, your application may be refused and a refund issued if your images are not suitable.
  • We reserve the right to choose a different item from your shop if these items are sold before the showcase goes live.
  • If your item sells through the duration of the showcase then please email info@ukhandmade.co.uk if you wish to replace it with a new item (this option only applies to the website, not the lookbook).

Your chosen showcase product photo will link directly to your own shop ensuring you get as much traffic as possible, so make sure it is a good quality, well-shot photo that makes your product stand out!

If you have any questions please email info@ukhandmade.co.uk

Please note the showcase is intended for individual makers only, not selling venues, sorry! To be accepted you must have made the items yourself.