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What is UK Handmade?

UK Handmade is a 'not-for-profit' organisation which supports artists, designers, makers and other creatives.

How does it do this?

  1. By providing advice, support and tips on starting up and sustaining a successful creative business through articles on the website:
  2. By producing and publishing a free quarterly online magazine all about handmade goods, the designer-makers who make them, the handmade lifestyle (sustainability, make do and mend, up-cycling, recycling, growing your own, home cooking), handmade events and issues which affect the handmade community (arts funding, copyright infringement, business issues: accounts, tax, wholesale, networking, marketing, PR etc).
  3. By running regular showcases featuring gorgeous handmade products from UK-based designers, makers and artists.
  4. By providing and running the UK Handmade forum where artists, designers, makers and creatives - both professional and non-professional - can communicate, support one another, network and share stories and new work.
  5. By providing useful resources such as our:

What is the structure of UK Handmade?

UK Handmade is a non-profit Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales, number 7246734. UK Handmade has two Directors: Karen Jinks and Mich Yasue.

What is the ethos behind UK Handmade?

With more people desiring and striving to spend quality time with their families and be financially self-sufficient, small businesses are starting at the kitchen table. This, coupled with the internet enabling designer-makers to sell their goods with minimal set up costs, is driving a handmade renaissance backed by a whole new community of small businesses working together to promote and support this handmade movement.

UK Handmade is at the heart of this movement, passionately supporting the designer-makers that make up this hidden treasure trove of talent. We believe that the term 'handmade' is now an indicator of quality, care and professionalism that is second to none and this is something we wish to encourage and celebrate.

Who are the team behind UK Handmade?

UK Handmade is entirely run by a team of dedicated volunteers who are themselves UK-based artists, designers and makers. You can meet the team here.

Does UK Handmade run an online shop?

UK Handmade is NOT an online selling site and does not currently run an online or offline shop. However, UK Handmade DOES run regular showcases which are open to all UK-based artists, designers, makers, crafters and other creatives.



What are UK Handmade showcases?

UK Handmade showcases are curated collections of items based around a theme (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Valentines, Christmas) or category (Jewellery, Homewares, Garden, Kids, Clothing & Accessories, Paper Goods) which are displayed on the UK Handmade website for 6 weeks at a time.

Who is eligible to apply for UK Handmade showcase spots?

Showcase spots are reserved for individual designer-makers who are based in the UK and make handmade items. We regret that we do not accept applications from online boutiques/market places selling handmade items made by various different people.

How do I apply for a UK Handmade showcase spot?

You can apply for the latest showcase by filling out an application form which is available here.

How many spaces are there in a UK Handmade showcase?

Showcase spaces vary from 50 - 200 spots depending on the theme. We receive a large number of applications for each showcase which means unfortunately that not all applications will be successful.

How much does a Showcase spot cost?

Showcase spaces cost £15.00 per product. Each applicant will be informed whether their application is successful and those who are will be emailed invoices via PayPal.



What's the magazine about?

UK Handmade magazine is dedicated to showcasing beautiful handmade goods made right here in the UK. We feature the designer-makers behind the work itself and explore the whole concept of living a handmade lifestyle including sustainability, ‘make do and mend’, up-cycling, recycling, growing your own and home cooking. We bring you handmade events that are happening around the UK, deal with issues affecting the handmade community and offer business advice tailored to creative business owners.

How often is UK Handmade magazine published?

UK Handmade magazine is published quarterly (four times per year) on the following dates:

  • Spring: 1st February
  • Summer: 2nd May
  • Autumn: 1st August
  • Winter: 1st November

What are the article submission deadlines for each issue of the magazine?


  • Spring: 7th January
  • Summer: 22nd March
  • Autumn: 21st June
  • Winter: 20th September

 Where can I buy UK Handmade magazine?

The latest issues of UK Handmade magazine are available for PDF download here. You can also read the magazine for free on the website.



How do I get my logo on the frontpage of the UK Handmade website as a Sponsor?
You can become a sponsor of UK Handmade for £25/month or £200/year just contact See a full list of all sponsorship opportunities and rates here.

How do I get an advert in UK Handmade magazine?
See a full list of all sponsorship opportunities and rates here, including rates for adverts in the magazine.

Advertising deadlines for each issue of the magazine are as follows:

  • Spring - 7th January
  • Summer - 1st April
  • Autumn - 1st July
  • Winter - 1st October



How can I get my bricks and mortar shop added to the directory?

If you run a bricks and mortar shop in the UK that sells handmade products email with the details of your shop and an image (jpeg, jpg, png) of your shop front to be added to the directory.

How can I get my website added to the makers directory?

Our makers directory speaks for itself with UK based designer makers, searchable by region and category.

If you are a maker and would like to be listed email



How can I be featured on the website?
UK Handmade accepts contributions from artists, designers and crafters for the website which is updated daily and the magazine, produced quarterly. We are always on the lookout for people to help us find interesting stories and events that are happening around the UK.

See our submission terms and conditions and guidelines. If you have an interesting story, tutorial, business advice or event happening near you which you feel fits the UK Handmade ethos, contact

How can I get involved with UK Handmade?

UK Handmade has a strong social media network which you can participate in by visiting here. If you are interested in joining the UK Handmade admin team as a volunteer, please email your CV to