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UK Handmade Magazine


Who is UK Handmade?

We are a design-led online magazine and community committed to showcasing and promoting the best creative talent the UK has to offer. With the combined skills and dedication of our team of volunteers, UK Handmade has grown from a small digital magazine and blog, to a large creative community of artists, designers, makers and event organisers who are all driven by the same vision and passion for handmade.

Online selling venues allow makers and designers to retail their goods with few overheads and as a result, a whole new community of small businesses are working together to promote and support the handmade movement. UK Handmade is at the heart of this movement and we provide advice and resources to our members, collaborating and connecting with businesses to further the handmade cause for the benefit of all through our online magazine, website and forum. UK Handmade is a 'not-for-profit' organisation.




What is UK Handmade?

Our quarterly magazine is produced by a voluntary team of artists, makers and designers who regard their craft as integral to their ‘day-to-day’ existence. The magazine is packed full of features, business advice, interviews, articles and tutorials, covering all aspects of arts, craft, life and business. It is completely different to any other magazine you will see.

Our showcase enables us to promote handmade at key points throughout the year. Every 6 weeks, we curate and showcase a selection of items created by talented UK designers.

Our website and forum enables us to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals and businesses, and provides our creative community with advice and resources.

Who we reach:

Our community is our greatest asset and we have the greatest pool of UK artistic talent currently available anywhere. Our community shares information, techniques, recommendations and new creations as well as craft resources they find indispensable.

Our forum consists of over 6,000 members and is growing daily.

Our magazine is our flagship promotional tool with an online readership of approximately 44,000 across the globe.

Our website’s varied and relevant content reaches beyond our community through various social media channels. We have over 58,000 Facebook fans and over 40,000 Twitter followers, many of whom regularly share our posts.

Magazine Advertising Rates - per quarterly issue:

Full Page: 210 x 210 mm - £360

Half Page: 210 x 105 mm - £180

Quarter Page: 105 x 105 mm - £90

Standard Box: 140 x 70 mm - £50

Square Box: 70 x 70 mm - £25

Small Banner: 70 x 35mm - £12.50

Website Rates:

Our website offers a number of sponsorship opportunities.

Showcase listing: £15 per item per showcase

Sponsor listing on front page: 210 x 100 mm - £25 per month or £200 a year


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