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There are many ways you can support UK Handmade:

UK Handmade magazine:

Every 3 months we publish an online magazine showcasing the very best of handmade available in the UK. It's a labour of love because we believe the handmade community in the UK deserves to be showcased loudly and proudly and we want to continue to do this and grow it into something bigger than it already is.

Part of our plans are to explore digital avenues for getting the magazine to an even wider readership, for example making it available for Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Samsung Reader and other digital reading devices but there is obviously a cost involved in doing this. We need your support to help us reach our goal; please consider becoming a sponsor of either the magazine or website (or both) or consider purchasing a download of the magazine from our shop (the magazine will still be free to read online). 

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Become a sponsor of UK Handmade and have your website badge displayed on our frontpage! Full details of sponsorship rates are here.

Join our Forum:

We run a friendly, fun, artistic community; come joing us - Forum (UK only)

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UK Handmade has a great social network of various groups and pages you can connect to or follow, come and join us and spread the word!


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